Lil John’s Web Design

If you’re looking for a slow, graphic-heavy, hard-to-navigate, payday loans in peoria az non-functional web design loaded with annoying sounds and pointless flash animation, you’re not looking for me!


If you want a website design that’s simple, user-friendly, fast-loading, search-engine-friendly, reasonably-priced, and will increase sales for your business… KEEP READING!

From the desk of:
Lil John
Longview, WA

My name is John, and I work a little differently.

fast-web-designI’m not your typical run-of-the-mill web designer. I didn’t go to some outdated cookie-cutter school to “learn how to make webpages,” and you’ll soon find out why that benefits you…

Because of my interest in marketing, I approach things from a different perspective than those guys who seem delighted to build fancy-looking websites with limited function. I get my jollies from creating economical and profoundly efficient websites the client can be proud of. I’M A MARKETEER with a marketing mindset, not just the cool sounding title. I believe your website needs to be a powerful sales tool or lead generator above all else. Making you and your business look “cool” and professional is just an added bonus.

You’ve probably been cringing at the idea of spending hard-earned cash on a new website lately, especially in this troubled economy. It’s feast or famine time… you must set yourself personal loans in rocky mount apart from the other guys now!

It’s like me giving money back to you!

A major focus of mine has and always will be organic traffic generation and marketing. For you, this means on-site SEO from the get-go. You won’t even be charged for it! The web is about more than putting up a few fancy graphics and pages about your business… you need to get found! Graphics are for enhancement, content is king. Look at the simple designs of giants like Google, MySpace, Craigslist, Wikipedia, PBWiki and Delicious for several good examples.

Why should I get your business?

  • 15 years of retail sales and management experience.
  • 13 years of online marketing and web-building experience.
  • I utilize LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) which is open source & saves you money.
  • Design code is hand-written in CSS, XHTML, & checked at for validation & errors.
  • Your site is tested for uniformity in Firefox, IE, Apple Safari, Opera, & Google browsers.
  • I enjoy working with you to create the best possible solution for your business.

What I will do for you!

  • Make your website search-engine friendly from the get-go.
  • Establish realistic goals and expectations for your website.
  • Tell you what will cash advance palestine tx and won’t work for your business online.
  • Make sure you feel good about the product you ask me to develop.
  • Recommend Firefox web browser and its amazing plugins.

What I won’t do:

  • Build you a website heavy with Flash that nobody will ever see or use.
  • Blow smoke up your rear.
  • Feed you unrealistic goals and promises about your site.
  • Work with a client who is not forward-thinking.
  • Create a boring, non-functional site even at your request.

My goals:

  • Help your business benefit from my work and earn your trust as a repeat customer.
  • Make you happy, so you’ll refer a friend.

What I expect from you:

  • An abundance of information about your business, so we can create a great site!
  • Your involvement during the creation of your website.
  • Prompt payment for my services.

I can also:

  • Host your new website for reasonable price.
  • Tune up your tired old PC for $30 hour.
  • Provide you with basic knowledge about how it got to be so slow in the first place.
  • Arm you with information about how to keep it from slowing down in the future.

That all sound pretty straight-forward?